Our Process

Our Process

First Contact:

Our staff are all long term employees in the powder coating industry and have a high level of experience in powder coating a variety of products. They are interested in discussing all technical issues with clients to ensure you are informed as to the best treatment for your product.


Prior to the powder coating of your product we will need to prepare the surface to ensure excellent adherence of  powder to the surface. This is achieved by cleaning off any substance which may be on the surface of the product such as oil, lubrication greases, welding scales and metal oxides. It is essential that all products are thoroughly cleaned to ensure a quality and enduring finish.

At Top Gun Powder Coating we utilize chemical pre treatment involving the use of phosphates through submersion or spray application. We also hand wipe down many surfaces to ensure a thorough preparation of the product for powder coating. We also provide a chromate service for aluminium pre treatment.

Powder Coating:

Please read through our Powdercoating page.


Top Gun Powder Coating employs staff experienced in the handling and packaging of products which have been powder coated. We take pride in packaging goods carefully and thoroughly to ensure that damage to finishes is avoided during transportation.


Please refer to our pickup and delivery page.